Love & Relationships

If you are dealing with overwhelming pain and challenges situations in your love life, and in your relationships with your partner, spouse, your kids or family, it does not have to be this way.

Love and relationships can be hard. People have heartbreaks that they carry around for decades after a divorce, an unexpected ending or in an existing relationship. If you are holding onto pain and can’t let it go, and it’s preventing you from moving forward with your life, I can help!

Are you single and…

  • Looking for “The One”
  • Living in a world “What if I am alone forever”
  • Recovering from a breakup or heartache but don’t know how to move on
  • Wondering if you are too damaged to find love again
  • Overwhelmed with all the options out there
  • Need to gain more confidence
  • Obsessing about love that got away

Are in you in a relationship with a spouse, family member or work situation and…

  • Dealing with toxic relationship behavior and don’t know how to change it or leave
  • Confused about how to improve your communication
  • Feel like you have lost yourself in your relationship
  • Trapped in co-dependent patterns
  • Argue all the time and in a cycle that isn’t serving you
  • Feel ignored and invisible

You Deserve Love

When you set a vision for what you want, you can then take clear action to go for it! This is where my coaching comes in…

I help people in their love, relationships & emotional life to make long-awaited and everlasting change. When you know your non-negotiable values, you are able to set boundaries and limits.

Ready for change?

I will guide you through all the steps to learning all about you, what kind of partner will make you happy, how to connect and enliven an existing relationship and how to live a life that is a direct reflection of what your soul really wants and needs.

We may want to bring love into our lives, yet we are drowned with all kinds of negativity and frustration. When we are in that kind of space, it’s really hard to even notice when great people come our way who might be a good match.

Healing Emotional Baggage Before Finding Love Again

If you have been in a toxic relationship, you may still be experiencing heartache or may still be haunted by how you were treated by your ex. Moving into the next phase of life with unresolved questions and painful emotions is like moving into a new house and all the clutter and garbage of the previous owner is still there. 

It’s pretty easy to remove physical clutter if you can get the motivation, but how can we clear out the emotional baggage, pain, and clutter from a previous relationship or marriage when we can’t always identify where it is, why it’s there, or how to let it go.  

Are you tired of Swiping Left and Right

If you are tired of all the time it takes to find love online, try a different approach. Your love success does not depend on how many dating apps you are on, but how you approach finding your perfect match.

If you are serious about finding love and improving your existing relationships, let’s talk.

I provide both practical information as well as deep insightful guidance to help fill your soul with love and know that you can find happiness again. My one-on-one coaching will help you get clear and create that vision of the most wonderful outcome you image. If you can visualize it, you can create it!