About Me

About me

Whatever you can do
or dream you can, begin it;
Boldness has genius, power,
and magic in it.

I help professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners visualize goals and see them through to completion.

I’ve created several successful businesses over the past three decades; As an Award-Winning Designer, Art Director and Portrait Photographer my clients included Sierra Club, Pottery Barn, The Gap, Old Navy, Charles Schwab, Stanford University, Operation Smile and many Fortune 500 Companies.

With all of my success, I found myself working overtime with my hands glued to my computer. I was doing all the things I thought I needed to and should do, but I was out of balance and not living my truth. Stuck in limited thoughts, I wasn’t aware of what was possible. I was deep in burnout and in dire need of bliss.

Then…I had a number of wake up calls. I went through a divorce, a career change, the death of a parent, a move, all while parenting two kids and finally, the stress and overwork turned physical with chronic fatigue and a repetitive strain injury. I was deeply in need of a shift but was overwhelmed and unclear on the direction I should take my life.

I took this transition as an opportunity to focus on my art… but there was a new twist that changed everything.

Set-backs and struggles have been my teachers.
Mind-set changes have been my saving grace.

The repetitive strain injury that I’d been nursing for years flared up to a point where I realized it wasn’t a flare up anymore.

This would force me to essentially reconsider my entire life.

I had no idea what I was going to do with the business and creative skills I had spent 25+ years of my life mastering as a designer, art director, and portrait photographer, the years I had spent developing my craft as an exhibiting artist plus the time spent growing my art business… How was I going to not only earn a living but how was I going to contribute and make an impact on the world if I couldn’t be creative anymore?

It required me to dig deep and find the strength within myself.

I realized I could pivot the skills I already had and shift my mindset about who I was as a creative professional. I could continue to help people…which was the aspect I loved most about my business… and drive my life in a different direction. A direction that would change my entire outlook on how to move forward.

I am a lover of all things related to human consciousness,
spirit and personal development.

These subjects are a lifeline to me for how to cultivate inner wisdom and growth and what I drew on during many transitions of my life. From a very young age I have been interested in the esoteric and mysterious. My interests are at the intersection of creativity, psychology, neuroscience and metaphysics.

I have explored human behavior, self-awareness, mysticism and philosophy for over 30 years, through the works of renowned teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Yogananda, Deepak Choprah, Thich Nhat Hahn, Michael Singer, David Deida, Anodea Judith, Marshal Rosenberg, Rumi and many others. My ten year experience working one-on-one with a zen monk helped develop my voice and vision. As these teachers have guided my life… I offer to share their wisdom with you.

My Manifesto

Along with wisdom, I bring playfulness, warmth, depth, and intuition to my coaching sessions. We can do deep and effective work while having fun at the same time.


Co-Active Coach®, CTI, Coaches Training Institute
Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, Tufts University/Museum School of Fine Arts
Graduate Coursework, Counseling Psychology, JFK University

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