About Me

About me

As a Certified Professional
Co-Active Coach, I help individuals stop the cycle of self-sabotaging patterns in their life, relationships, career and finances.

I put all my creativity into everything I do.

As a life-long entrepreneur, award-winning designer, art director and social media portrait photographer, I’ve created many profitable businesses. For over 25 years, I consulted with hundreds of professionals, business owners and Fortune 500 companies including Gap, Pottery Barn, Sierra Club, and Charles Schwab. I have also exhibited my fine art paintings and photography in galleries throughout the United States.

With all my success, I found myself working overtime with my hands glued to my computer or isolated in my studio. I was doing all the things I thought I wanted to do, should do, and were expected of me. But… I was quite often miserable.


Then… I had a number of wake up calls. I went through a divorce, the death of a parent, a major relocation along with other significant life changes, all while running my businesses and parenting two kids.

Finally, emotional stress and burnout turned physical. I developed chronic fatigue and a repetitive strain injury.

There was an additional twist that changed everything.

The repetitive strain injury that I’d been nursing for years flared up to a point where I realized it wasn’t a flare-up anymore. This essentially forced me to change my entire life.  I had to dig deep and find the strength and resilience within myself to make necessary changes and pivot the creative skills I had spent 25+ years of my life mastering.

I drew on my life-long study of all things related to human consciousness, spirituality, psychology and personal development, to make changes.  This was a lifeline to me for cultivating inner wisdom and growth.

My influences include Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Yogananda, Thich Nhat Hahn, Michael Singer, David Deida, Anodea Judith and Marshal Rosenberg and many others along with my ten years working one-on-one with a zen monk helped develop my voice and vision.

Other methodologies I have studied include Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Constellation Therapy, Non-Violent Communication, Breathwork, Shamanic Studies along with Law of Attraction Principles.

My Manifesto

Along with wisdom, I bring playfulness, warmth, depth and intuition to my coaching sessions. We can do deep and effective work while having fun at the same time.



  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach®, CPCC, Coaches Training Institute
  • Graduate Coursework, Counseling Psychology, JFK University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, Tufts University/Museum School of Fine Arts
  • Member of the International Coaches Federation

About CTI: Founded in 1992, Co-Active Training Institute, formerly known an the Coaches Training Institute, is the oldest and the world’s largest in-person coach training organization. CTI’s programs set the industry standard for quality, global recognition, and scientific efficacy.

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