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Love & Relationship

Love & Relationship

Are you having trouble recovering from a break-up or heartache? Are you in a toxic relationship or confused about how to improve your existing relationship? Are you single and looking for “The One?”

My one-on-one coaching will help you cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and create a vision for a fulfilling love life. If you can visualize it, you can create it!

When you know your non-negotiable values, you are able to set boundaries and limits. I guide you to be empowered and listen to your authentic inner voice and recognize if you are settling for less than you are worth. And, how to make space for calling in someone special.

Private attention, guidance, and accountability is something that Webinars & Youtube can’t give you.

Self Empowerment

Jacqueline Neuwirth Career Coach


We all know the feelings of fear and inadequacy, of imposter syndrome, of feeling “I’m not good enough”. It’s the confusion that comes with the territory of being human.

When you remove challenging habits and negative self-talk, you eliminate stress, anxiety & depression.

Coaching is the best-kept secret to grow as the leader of your life. A deeper understanding of yourself will provide you with a clear sense of purpose, a directed mindset and heightened confidence.

If you want more freedom, more wealth, more fulfillment, the time to start is now. I help you reach your highest potential, gain more confidence and stop sabotaging your life and career.

Life Transitions

Jacqueline Neuwirth Life Coach

Are you in a transition or set-back? Has your world become a battleground of fear, overwhelm, doubt and confusion?

If so, your mind may be a playground for your most powerful inner critics to show up and sabotage the most meaningful areas of your life… your love life, your relationships, your career, your self-esteem and sense of self.

As your coach, I use both intuitive wisdom and practical tools to help you get out of feeling lost and confused and create a clear path forward, from a place of confidence rather than from fear. When you set a vision for your life, your entire mindset changes and amazing things can happen!

For most people, the biggest regret is that they didn’t make changes soon enough.

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Stop Sabotaging Your Happiness.Eliminate fear, doubt & confusion
from your vocabulary…

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